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my anxiety tells

over the years I have come to realize I tend to do certain things when I am feeling anxious. noticing these tells have helped me to understand my anxiety.

Below are some of my tells that I am anxious:

  • peeling the skin around my fingers
  • biting or licking my lips
  • talking quietly
  • skipping meals
  • uncontrollably nervous

what are some of your anxiety tells ? or how can you tell that you’re stressed out?

-XOXO chana

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what not to say to someone with anxiety

Having been diagnosed with anxiety for a couple years now, i’ve come to realize that many individuals seem to brush off anxiety. Many individuals have said certain words to me that I have taken to heart and caused me to cut them out of my life. Cutting out people who don’t seem to understand the underlying processes of anxiety has been for the best. So with that, I encourage to y’all to consider whether or not certain individuals are meant to have a place in your life. Below are some things that I think shouldn’t be said to anyone with anxiety or even any mental illness.

  1. Its all in your head
  2. Get over it
  3. Calm down
  4. Others are suffering from something much worse than what you are going through
  5. You need to learn to push through
  6. Your overthinking it
  7. Theres nothing to worry about
  8. I don’t see why you are anxious
  9. Maybe you should stop thinking about it
  10. Stop stressing

For those of you who have ever said any of theses things to someone with anxiety, I encourage you to reconsider whaat you have said. These words that seem like nothing to you, acutally worsens the state that someone with anxiety is going through. Think before you speak.

-XOXO chana

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depression and anxiety

go hand in hand

like 2 peas in a pod

the endless mood swings

leading to suffocation

from the thoughts in my head

the monster is feeding

off my joy


i’m reminded thats its all in my head

4 individuals keep me grounded

-XOXO chana

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they say its all in her head

though her mind is

the deep blue sea

with waves crashing

against the shore


theres no escaping

this madness

-xoxo chana


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My Anxiety

At some point in your life, you will experience anxiety. Whether that be your friends, a new crowd, school, work, finances or just life in general. This small thing affects the lives of millions every day. And I am one of those people.

My life flipped upside down this time last year. I had learned from my psychiatrist that I had Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Learning this news kept me at an utter shock. How had I not known about this for 2 years?

So you might be wondering where my anxiety stems from. Well, it all began the summer of 2013 when my mother and I took a trip to Sri Lanka. I was separated from my support system and felt separation anxiety every day. The culture shock from being in a new country manifested into anxiety and got even worse.

My anxiety comes in waves at any moment of my day. Some days I’m fine and other days its as if I’m held captive my a dark cloud. Just ask my siblings. They would tell you how lazy and unmotivated I become. The only thing I would want to do on those days is sleep in my bed. This would be my escape from reality and the world.

Anxiety, in general, is stressful. People may have anxiety about separation or in social situations. Meanwhile, my anxiety is a combination of all those. Generalized anxiety means that anything can make me anxious at any given moment. It sucks not knowing when I’ll be anxious. Some days it is a struggle to just get through the day.

Overtime, I have come to realize that though my anxiety has its negatives, it also has positive. My anxiety has led me to be more productive, as I will constantly be worrying. This has led to me completing my tasks days ahead in order to not be stressed and fell relief.  So I thank my anxiety for the greater good 🙂

What causes you anxiety?

-XOXO chana



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How I Deal With My Anxiety

Anxiety. A negative additional to your day but at times helpful and good to have. Though some days are worse, I have found several things to do to help with my anxiety.


Through dealing with my generalized anxiety disorder for the past year I have come to realize that reading is my main coping mechanism. This allows me to escape the world for a while and allow my heart/ mind to be at ease. I enjoy reading – whether  that be books, magazines, news articles or simply just blog posts. Reading is fun.


I have found that at my lowest and darkest moments Netflix is very helpful. I enjoy watching light and feel good shows. This allows me to get my mind of worrying and just relax. Some shows that I love watching are : Unbreakble Kimmy Schimdt, Gilmore Girls and Friends.

Talk to Someone.

I am typically the type of person to keep to myself when I have an issue. Recently I discovered that opening up allows me to reduce my anxiety. Talking to someone you trust- whether that be a friend, family member or even a teacher. Open up and you will feel instant ease and relief.

-XOXO chana

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When An Opportunity Arises

Life is short, meaning we need to do what our hearts desires. People say to follow your heart and take your brain with you. Both your brain and heart influence the choices you make. Quite often in life you make bad decisions and rarely make good ones. Though as a result, the choices we make open several new doors in our lives. As you enter a new door, you are given opportunities. This is an endless cycle us we are constantly being given opportunities and issues randomly in our life span. To take a risk or to not a risk? That is the question. 😉 

I have decided to take a risk, by choosing to become a speaker at TEDx Bethune

What is TEDx Bethune? Well, for the past couple of years, annually TEDx Bethune is held ( an independently organized event). It is quite similar to The famously known Ted Talk. This is an event where students are asked to speak and spread ideas to the entire school. results in students ‘speaking out and learning’ new concepts. As well as leads not only students and but also school staff to question themselves and their beliefs. Typically there is one general topic, that students piggyback their ideas and talks off of. 

This year’s topic is gratitude. I have decided to speak about my experience and story of dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. As well as speaking about how I became grateful for all the simple and small things in life. I hope that my Ted talk resonates with at least a few people. 

Ahhh the Ted Talk will be happening on April 4th ! I’m running out of time to prepare. 

Here are is an excerpt from the first draft of my Ted Talk:

” I was just like any teenage girl. Loving family, supportive friends, anxious award and living with flaws I’ve learned to love. Little did I know that my life would be flipped upside down in a span of 6 weeks. I remember the moment I talked to my doctor. At that moment my heart was at ease and my brain was wondering how I would deal with this bombshell everyday.  Now let’s take a step back and rewind to the summer of 2013. My mom and I would be spending 6 weeks of my summer in Sri Lanka. I was cool with the idea until we got to the airport terminal. Saying goodbye to my family got hysterically crying in front of strangers. I would be a thousand miles away from my support system. As soon as we landed I hoped and prayed that the weeks would fly by. The smell was different. The air smelled of smoke, dirt flying everywhere, palm trees in the distance, the sun frying g my skin. All I knew was after I got off the plane everything had changed. No more proper showers, no more toilets, mattresses, Internet or Netflix. Goodbye to my hopes of binge watching a new series. “

What opportunities have you gotten recently ?

-XOXO chana